GLColumns is a game based on Columns (also called Jewels), a Tetris-like game. It is written in C++ using SDL and OpenGL. It currently runs on *nix systems and Windows.


To download GLColumns, go to the download area.


This is the first public release of a project I have been working on since January 2006. This project was written purely out of interest, to test my skills in C++. It was finished in early 2007 and I have released it on my webpage but I since didn't have enough time to run the webpage, I removed it.

Recently it was suggested to me that I post the project on SouceForge or some other site so I decided to do it. Perhaps, if there are enough users, I will continue the development. But if there aren't, then maybe someone else will find it useful.


Here are a few screenshots of the game (click for a larger size):

Main menu  Game


If you want to contact me, write to my e-mail address